Quality photos shot by Husky Productions are available at Fine Art America (see link below). You can have your choice of photo finishes including various paper and metal prints as well as canvas. You can also get a photo on a phone cover, shower curtain and other various objects. Have a look. If you don't see a photo you want on that site, let me know and I can add one from the Husky Productions Website. If you're looking for a more affordable copy of one of the prints, I can do that as well. Pick your photo from the galleries and let me know the gallery and photo number. Contact me to discuss print size or a jpg for desktop photo. I can usually find canvas prints at a more affordable rate as well, but the quality is not quite as good as Fine Art.


Running the team on Willow Lake, Alaska. This is where the Iditarod starts!



Willow Sunrise

In the winter, the sun barely makes it to the tree tops. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s only dark 24 hours a day above the Arctic Circle. This was the road to my house in winter.


The Fab Five

Some of my dogs in Alaska. Maggie up high, then left to right: Chena, Rosie, Pearl and Spirit.